, the shirts you truly need in your life

Comedy shirts, funny, Funny shirts, inappropriate shirts, joke shirts, twisted shirts -, the shirts you truly need in your life


this is a new store I created, to offer the shirts I myself always wanted but could never find.

I have used years of silly and or inappropriate quotes to make these shirts, to bring them to life and to you. it gives a great way to show or tell people how you feel without the hassle of having to actually say it, we all know that can be a pain.

I searched the suppliers and chose only the best materials, at the lowest prices to try and keep the cost down( in todays economy we all need as many breaks as we can get). In doing so I kept production local not only for pride in the US but also to ensure that no child labor was used ( I'm all for cheap, but not at the cost of kids doing the work) so you can rest easy knowing that the materials and production are the best the US has to offer. 

My hope is that you will find a shirt or hoodie that calls to you and how you feel, next I want to ensure that the cost is low enough for everyone to enjoy.